About us

Daegu Faith International Church is an English-speaking congregation serving the city of Daegu, sometimes called Taegu, South Korea. We minister through a variety of services, bible studies and fellowship. English as a second language or native speakers; with family or here on your own; big kids or little kids; we offer a place where you can worship, connect with a community of believers and nurture a continuing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our church building is located in the southern part of Daegu and is easily accessible by car, bus or subway. We have many activities scheduled throughout the week.

Our schedule, directions, map, weekly pastoral newsletter, devotional and much more are available on our website. Please take your time browsing through this site, but we hope you will be able to learn more about us in person.

The Vision and Purpose of Daegu Faith International Church is to:

Disciple: Teaching, equipping and edifying others to be disciples of God’s Word.

Act: Demonstrating God’s love to all by ministering to the greater Daegu Community.

Evangelize: Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, reaching out to all who may not know the saving Grace of our Lord and Savior.

Glorify God: Magnifying our Lord through worship and service.

Unify: Bringing together all God’s Children into His family by breaking down dividing walls.